The Great Indian Soldiers

It was the starting of the 19th century. Wars was takes place among two countries. One of the country was India, it's the good country but the other country was not good. They try to defeat India but everytime they lost in their mission. 

The soldiers of the bad country was also very bad but the soldiers of India were very good hearted people. 

The people of India have proud on their soldiers who die to save their life. 

One night the bad country attacked on India. India was not fully prepared for this attack but they tried their best to defeat their enemies. Many Indian soldiers were died in this attack. A soldier named Ranjeet Singh also died in this attack very badly. 

He belongs to a Indian state ' Uttar Pradesh '. A man named Vijay Kumar from Indian Military Force contact to his wife. He get to know that Ranjeet has a five years old son and a two years old daughter.

When Vijay picked down the phone, tears rolled from his eyes, he again an again asking himself with pain that How can a woman alone give all comforts to their children? 

On the other side the body of Ranjeet reached to his village. His wife's heart was totally broken. She was crying with pain in front of his husband's body. 

After two hours the people of that village cremated Mr. Ranjeet Singh. 

All the bodies of the died soldiers were sent to their villages but one body was left because no one recognized it. The body was lying on the border of India. 

The soul of that soldier was in a great pain,  the soul was roaming around his body. He was thinking that what was his fault? that no one cremate his body. 

Suddenly the wind was started blowing very fastly. The the soul said " Oh dear wind I am requesting you that please go to my village,  informed my wife that I am died, please touch the feet of my old mother, give love to my children and at last please give them the strength to accept this truth " 

The soul has now no option except waiting.