The Corner House

At that time I was only 10 years old. I don't know that what's happening around me? and free from all the tensions, they are the golden days of my life.

One day after the school gets over I and my friends decided to go to home to an another root, I totally agreed with my friends. We were walking in a very joyful manner, shouting and have fun.

Suddenly I saw a deserted farm it was very large but at the corner of the farm there was a old dusty house, it looks very dirty and horrible.

When I and my friends reached near the house to saw it properly, we decided to enter in the house. Then suddenly a sound came, it was my mom who was calling me. When I told her about this house she warned me not to go there.

This warning increases my curiosity so I decided to go at night.

At night time I quickly came out of my home and reached to that house in five minutes. I entered in home and saw many bats were flying here an there. There were no lights at the house so I switched on my pocket torch light.

I entered in the first room which was just left of the entrance, there were a lot of jewelries and precious stones in that room, they I went to the second room and found valuable ancient coins in that room. One after another I  continuously checking all the room and found valuable things in every room.

At last one room was left when I entered the room I found cloths of a female, then suddenly a huge wave of air started flowing in the room the windows are opening an closing then suddenly the  colour of the air started changing to white and then slowly it takes a shape of a beautiful lady.

I got so afraid as I saw a real ghost in front of me, then she said "don't afraid brother I don't harm you from any side". Her glittering eyes were trustful for me, she said that " I am a good ghost " she looks so young so I asked her that how she died?

She started her sad story. Dear brother I was born 108 years ago in the starting of the 19th century in a very rich family in Khulna which was in Bengal . I was very happy and happily spending my life but one day my father and mother both were died in an unknown illness.

I was just 19 at that time. I felt alone ,but one day a man came to me, he said that he feels very sad when he saw me alone so he wanted to marry me I agreed and marry him but he cheats me and marry one another woman after taking lots of goods precious stones, etc from me. I get shocked by this and I died by heart attack, from that day my soul is roaming in this house.

I felt very sad for the soul of the woman, then suddenly I heard my mother's voice, my eyes were open and then I came to know that it was a dream but it was not just a dream.

When I reached to school my friends told me that they also seen the same dream which I have seen yesterday night.

After school, reaching to home I told my mother about my dream then she told my the same incident which the woman told me in my dream. I got so afraid that I decided not to go to that road again.

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