The Foolish Servant

Once upon a time there was a small village named ‘Koolapur’. In that village a rich man was use to live with his servant named Suresh. The man was the richest person in that village.

His servant Suresh was a foolish man, he can’t able to do any work properly.

One day the man said to his servant that telling lie is a bad thing so we should not tell lie in our life. The servant properly understand it. He said “Ok from now I will never say lie in my life”

Next day, the man got a deal of a five lakh rupees with a business man, the business man said that he will be coming to his home with in five hours. The rich man was very happy at that time. After two hours his friend called him and said that he organized a party so he wanted him to come to his party now.

Now the rich man was confused that what he should do?

After so much of thinking he decided to go to his friend’s party. He told his servant Suresh that “ when  business will come told him that I am not well”

The foolish servant think so much decided to tell the truth, when the business man comes to his home the servant told him the truth, then he got angry and canceled the deal.

When the rich man returned. He asked about the business man. Then Suresh said that he told him the truth only. Then the rich man got angry he said “why you told the truth?” Suresh said “you only told me that always tell the truth”.

Then the rich man said “ Ok then please get out and never come here”

Suresh felt very sad at that time.