My Goa Journey

Two years back, I went to Goa with my family in the summer holidays. My father booked a hotel near a sea side.

It was very wonderful experience of my life, the fresh air, the sound of sea, the sound of birds and the other animals was too wonderful. I have seen many states of my India but this state was totally different and new for me.

After two days, one night I was writing my diary in my room, suddenly I heard a voice of talking, when I opened the window of my room , I saw a man with a child standing near the sea side but it was not clear because there were no street lights outside.

When I came out of my home no one was there. Next day I told this incident to my parents they told it to the hotel owner then he told that 5 years ago a family came here to spend holidays, one day the child and the father  of that family were standing near the sea side suddenly a huge wave of water came and both sink in it an die.

From that day many people saw the soul of them.

I really felt sorry for them. Next day I pray for there soul and returned to home.